Extra Space Downtown

We recently had the satisfying task of converting the obsolete Birmingham News Print Building from an enormous dark hulk of concrete, into three floors of clean, well-lit, climate-controlled storage space. The vision behind this venture was to serve the vital downtown area of Birmingham with sophisticated, accessible storage for homes and businesses. 

It was quite a process! We added two concrete floors above the original floor; poured concrete with steel. The pump trucks started pumping out heavy concrete at 3 a.m. and our team was there to meet them!

We cleaned up the old Birmingham News freight elevator, and it now allows bulky, or heavy items to be lifted easily to storage bays. We even used it to lift a mini-excavator! So it can certainly handle your most ponderous storage problem.

In addition, the top floor is well suited for office use, which could be finished off smartly to accommodate the generous view of the city that it offers. You could have the satisfaction of knowing that your business stands strong in a Birmingham landmark, a worthy goal of Urban Development.

If you are considering Repurposing an existing building, call us and let us walk the site with you.