Cindy Acton

Chief Quality Control Hostess

Cindy is our Showroom and Communications Manager.  Married to the builder, she keeps us focused and working together with grace and excellence. Cindy has a PhD in Friendly Relations and will not only encourage your socks off but correct your mistakes with a smile on her face. She has 35 years of experience in the construction and real estate industries. Working with our clients in the showroom, she can provide the practical tools they need to make informed decisions on their projects.  Then it’s her job to communicate those choices to the superintendents and vendors.

Cindy has been married to David for 40 years and is happiest when cooking for one of their 11 grandchildren or taking quick road trips.

You can reach Cindy at or 205-980-9567.


Cindy with her husband, David (above, left) and her three wonderful daughters (above, right).